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What is a TRX loop: pros and cons of training
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Among the fitness trends, the number of which is growing "like mushrooms after rain", we can distinguish three global leaders. Crossfit is a high-intensity interval training program from American firefighter and police physical training instructor Greg Glassman. Les Mills — six innovative physical training systems from the family dynasty of athletes, founded by 4-time Olympic champion in the shot put, new Zealander Leslie mills. Closes the Trinity suspended training, where the TR...
Hitch after training and other stages of the recovery period
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The vast majority of beginners in fitness forget or deliberately ignore the completion of the final set of exercises, rushing to do other things. In addition, they do not even suspect that other recovery activities are needed in addition to the hitch. In this article, we will talk about how much time your body needs to recover. What should be the right rest after training and what kind of hitch after training is necessary for its health benefits to be maximum. Components of the recovery period ...