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What you need to take to a fitness club: 4 things you can't forget
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Exercise should be performed in comfortable clothing and shoes. This is not only aesthetic, but also safety: wide t-shirts cling to inventory, soft backs do not keep the foot on the treadmill, etc. But the problem of what to go to the gym is still relevant — a novice athlete hesitates for a long time between his favorite stretched leggings from home and a super-expensive set from a branded store. So, we understand what you need to take with you to the fitness club without fail. Shoes for ...
Gym shoes: what you need to know before buying
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Sports shoes are an important, almost the main, element of sports equipment. It is quite often the cause of injury, so it is more expensive to save on it. Beginners should buy one, but expensive universal pair of sneakers, which will be equally comfortable when performing strength exercises, and while working on cyclic simulators. Here are the rules to follow before you buy sneakers for the gym. Where to buy gym shoes Shoes for sports should not be bought in an online store or on the market. Go...