What is a TRX loop: pros and cons of training

What is a TRX loop: pros and cons of training

Among the fitness trends, the number of which is growing "like mushrooms after rain", we can distinguish three global leaders. Crossfit is a high-intensity interval training program from American firefighter and police physical training instructor Greg Glassman. Les Mills — six innovative physical training systems from the family dynasty of athletes, founded by 4-time Olympic champion in the shot put, new Zealander Leslie mills. Closes the Trinity suspended training, where the TRX loops are used.

If you know a little English, you can understand that the first type is a combination of cardio and strength training, and the second is a personal training system. What is trx training? How did it attract a huge number of fitness enthusiasts around the world and will it suit you?

A little history about TRX loops
The impetus for the creation of the "loop TRX" simulator was the events that occurred in 1997, in one of the ports of South-East Asia. It was there that the commander of the American Navy seals, along with his unit, was to capture a moored naval vessel. To get on the ship, Randy Hetrick constructed a rope system made from parachute slings and a jujitsu belt. Later, this device turned out to be very convenient for training all muscle groups in the military field, when there is no opportunity to work out in the gym.

What are TRX loops?

After retiring from the military, from 2001 to 2004, Hetrick perfected and began personally selling Travel Resistance x training loops and his own patented TRX ® Suspension Trainer ™ training system. In 2007, the us Department of defense buys the TRX FORCE ® method for special forces training. In 2011, there is a modern design of several types of loops. "Under them" the first training course Rip Training, designed specifically for fitness professionals, is released, as well as the physical therapy program Suspension Training Course. The "cherry on the cake" of this type of fitness is the creation of the TRX Academy in 2015.

What does training on a suspended simulator do?
Suspended TRX simulator is 3 rigid, Y-shaped connected slings. One end is attached to the wall, ceiling, clamped in the doorway or fixed, for example, on a tree. Extension insert, carabiners and anchors allow you to practice indoors or outdoors. The ends of 2 other straps, also adjustable in length, end with handles and loops. Their combination allows you not only to hold on to them with your hands or fix your feet. The handles make it convenient to perform exercises in the rest positions. The device of the simulator was sorted out, and trx training — what is this method?

There are quite a large number of branded physical training systems from the TRX Academy and other manufacturers of suspended simulators of this type. However, each trainer or fitness practitioner can make their own training plans.

Using loop exercises you can solve different tasks:

work through all muscle groups simultaneously and evenly, or with an emphasis on the arms, legs, or back;
to pump or Vice versa to dry the amount of muscle;
improve dexterity, coordination, and balance;
increase flexibility and stretch;
improve endurance performance by adjusting the intervals and intensity of loads.
For beginners, exercises on the simulator can be a separate type of training, and for advanced athletes to become part of the class of any fitness direction.

What is TRX?

Advantages of TRX
Among the advantages of training on suspended loops, it is worth noting:

TRX loops can replace a gym. They allow you to do strength exercises, stretching, flexibility,and get enough cardio.
You can use the simulator at any age, even for small children. Body weight doesn't matter either.
Basic exercises are available for people with any level of physical fitness. The difficulty of performing the exercise is regulated by a long sling, changing the angle of inclination or changing the position of the body. For example, for a weak beginner, stand-up push-UPS (hands with loops and the whole body slightly forward) will work, simulating push-UPS from the wall. For the trained, it is already offered flexion-extension of the arms, when they rest on the floor, and the ankles are fixed with loops. The load and complexity for advanced people is even higher – you need to do push-UPS "as usual", but with your hands not on the floor, but on the handles of the loops.
Functional training takes place without a vertical load on the spine, so most simple exercises are available even for those who have back problems.
The unusual position of the body, the absence of habitual and fixed points of support while holding static positions, allow you to simultaneously engage not only the surface muscle layers, but also the joint stabilizers, core and paravertebral muscle groups.
Working with your own body weight minimizes the risk of injury as much as possible. Moreover, for those who injured their legs in other types of fitness classes, TRX loops will help them get through rehabilitation faster. This is possible by performing exercises with changed angles of movement and reducing the load on the joints.
If you observe a rational eating behavior, a training regime on TRX loops, a balance of daily loads and rest (sleep), the body will get rid of extra pounds, and acquire the necessary volumes and strength of muscles, elasticity of ligaments and tendons.
What is TRX?

An important plus of the TRX suspension simulator for those who will be engaged at home is cheapness, compactness and not cluttering up space, quick installation / disassembly for storage or for going out to train in the fresh air. And thanks to the small weight — 1 kg, they can go with you on a business trip or vacation.

Cons and contraindications of TRX
The TRX simulator doesn't have many disadvantages:

additional costs for installing fixed fasteners in the wall (preferably in the ceiling);
availability of free space-3-4 steps forward and away from the vertical projection of the attachment point on the floor;
the possibility of sprain in the wrong technique of performing complex exercises;
injury when falling, it is possible, if you bought a cheap loop with the connecting fasteners;
a large number of fake loops.
The list of contraindications to exercise is no wider than that of other types of fitness. But once again we will clarify the fact that some of the exercises will help to quickly and effectively strengthen the muscle corset for back problems, including intervertebral hernias of the lumbar region, and others — to recover from injuries of the lower extremities.

What is TRX?

4 basic exercises TRX beginner training
There are many types of exercises and movements, and there are many variants of training systems. We offer for example the simplest initial option, which will not discourage the desire to engage from the very beginning of acquaintance with the suspended simulator:

arm bends at the elbows;
exercises for the cortex muscles;
glute Bridge TRX (Indian bridge).
You need to do these exercises 8 times, without breaks between them. The cycle is repeated 3-4 times, with an intermediate rest of 15-30 seconds. If this is difficult, the number of repetitions decreases, and rest pauses increase. After a couple of simple classes, the body will be able to cope with such a load, and will require not only increasing and intensifying it, but also expanding the set of exercises. This will help you get to the training level, get rid of extra pounds, put your body in order and feel irresistible.

Now you know what trx is. The answer is to purchase a high-quality simulator or sign up for a TRX group in a fitness club, and then continue regular training-for you!
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