What you need to take to a fitness club: 4 things you can't forget

What you need to take to a fitness club: 4 things you can't forget

Exercise should be performed in comfortable clothing and shoes. This is not only aesthetic, but also safety: wide t-shirts cling to inventory, soft backs do not keep the foot on the treadmill, etc. But the problem of what to go to the gym is still relevant — a novice athlete hesitates for a long time between his favorite stretched leggings from home and a super-expensive set from a branded store. So, we understand what you need to take with you to the fitness club without fail.

Shoes for the gym
While this is one of the most important elements of clothing. When performing many exercises, the support goes to the feet: squats, running, aerobics, Zumba, yoga...What is the risk of incorrect load distribution:

minimal damage — inefficiency of the exercise, just time spent;
somewhere in the middle — minor pain or sprain after the gym;
the maximum is a serious injury that requires long-term treatment.
Remember how terribly uncomfortable it is to walk in beautiful, but small shoes? Under load, the discomfort increases by 3 times. Therefore, choose sneakers strictly according to the size, width and height of the foot. You may have to try on more than a dozen pairs, but suitable shoes fully justify themselves.

What to wear and take to the fitness club

Only stay on the shoes for sports. Front-closed shoes-shoes on the platform — no, a simple conversion — no, ballet flats and flip-flops — definitely not. Not suitable Czechs, different types of sneakers — everything that does not have a solid back, a dense but flexible sole, landing on the foot.

A useful recommendation is to wear a sock. Even if the sneakers seem perfect, no one is safe from microparticles of dust and dirt. In addition, it is easier to change or wash a sock than a pair of shoes.

It is recommended to distribute the purchase of a house for at least 1 hour a day. So you will understand how much you guessed with the choice and get rid of the ubiquitous band-aid on calluses in the first trips to fitness.

If you attend a dance, they use 2 pairs of shoes: in the process of training and practicing sports, in the final — a special heel. Bring a change, because in a good gym they ask you to change your shoes or put on Shoe covers in the hall. For a shower, you will need regular rubber Slippers (walking barefoot in public areas is not very hygienic).

Clothing for the gym
Perfect t-shirt - not tight, not spacious, slightly tight. Sports tops are good. For girls, breast support is important, so do not ignore the bra.

In addition to the style, the material plays a role. It is better to stop at light synthetics-durable, inexpensive, hygienic. Cotton quickly get wet, and completely synthetic creates the effect of a bath. T-shirts for sports are made of different materials that provide good heat exchange. But they are more expensive than usual.

What to wear and take to the fitness club

Suitable for the bottom:

Sweatpants, breeches.
In the rules of good taste to take clothes that are not transparent. By the way, think about underwear-it is not very convenient to practice in lace or sweaters. The main requirements for the bottom: elasticity, comfortable length. Jeans are prohibited materials. It is undesirable to engage in a skirt or dress ( just lift up), if it is not about tennis.

The most pressing question: buy branded clothing for a lot of money or go to "home"? Neither one nor the other. Do not save on shoes, for a good pair will have to pay a moderately high price. And clothes for the first time can be inexpensive, not from one set, but convenient, clean, neat. Then you will understand for yourself whether you need to help out a sports store, or in an inexpensive suit is also not bad.

Gym accessories
Always come to training with water. You can and should drink to fill the needs of the body. You don't have to buy a special bottle — a regular plastic with a dispenser will do.

After the exercise, you will take a shower. Sometimes the room provides Slippers and towels, sometimes not. Therefore, we allocate a towel and all hygiene supplies for the gym. It is convenient if you have a personal locker for storage — you do not have to carry extra things every time from home and back.

Separately, we wear a small towel for working with exercise equipment. It is not nice to leave traces of sweat on the inventory that everyone uses. Therefore, we enter the training area with water and a towel. It is not forbidden to take headphones and a phone, but we remember the comfort of other people: a tablet with a large screen, a Rubik's cube are left outside the hall.

Personal items include a belt for strength exercises, wristbands, bandages, and jump ropes. The first is necessary when working with a large weight. It keeps the abdominal muscles and lower back in the correct position. Without it, the exercise can result in serious injury.

How to choose a belt:

the best material is leather;
measure the height of the landing;
take a tight fit.
Wristbands fix the wrist. They are used not only in basketball, but also in simple exercises. For example, lifting dumbbells heavier than usual, while running or doing fitness.

What to wear and take to the fitness club

Bandages wrap the palm and fingers, especially they are important for boxers. The equipment protects against friction, fixes the bone and tendons, and increases the impact force. Also absorbs sweat so that the hand does not slip in the glove.

Jump ropes are among the most popular types of equipment. Therefore, they are not enough if the room is very full. To avoid standing over someone's heart (or someone is waiting for you), buy your own skipping rope. It is inexpensive, but it will allow you to plan a workout for yourself, without waiting in line.

The same can be said about dumbbells of small weight. If you work mainly with your hands, it is better to have your own. You can store it in a locker. A large demand in the hall for weights — also keep in mind.

If an athlete is just going to visit the gym for the first time, do not buy sports clothing, equipment, a bottle for cyclists, etc. in advance. There is a high risk that things will get covered in dust in the storage room. First, you need to make sure that your intentions are serious, understand what you will have to focus on in the hall and gradually buy the necessary clothing and inventory.
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