Gym shoes: what you need to know before buying

Gym shoes: what you need to know before buying

Sports shoes are an important, almost the main, element of sports equipment. It is quite often the cause of injury, so it is more expensive to save on it. Beginners should buy one, but expensive universal pair of sneakers, which will be equally comfortable when performing strength exercises, and while working on cyclic simulators. Here are the rules to follow before you buy sneakers for the gym.

Where to buy gym shoes
Shoes for sports should not be bought in an online store or on the market. Go to the sports store. Exactly in it:

there is a guarantee of buying a real, not fake brand;
a qualified salesperson will tell you about the specific "specialization" of each model and which of them are suitable for working in the gym;
you can normally try on and make a "mini test drive" of the pair;
you can quickly return or exchange the product.
When to buy sports shoes?
As well as "normal", sports shoes need to be purchased in the evening. At this time, tired feet have the largest volume, and this size parameter is as important as the length.

How to choose the right shoes for training

Fitness sneakers: choose a model
Choose the top model of a famous brand of the new or future season. Its price "bites", but it is worth it. Making an expensive purchase, in return you get:

brand quality and advantages of new technologies;
prolonged operation;
physical and" moral " comfort during training;
increase self-esteem.
How to choose the right shoes for training
How to try on gym shoes
When you go to a sports store to buy sneakers for the gym, don't forget to take a pair of clean socks with you to try them on. At the same time, prepare a significant amount of money to buy several new pairs, the firm of which will match the shoes that fit you.Your look will be much cooler if the brand names on your socks and sneakers match. Agree, socks for 1.5 bucks and expensive shoes — not "camilfo" either from the position of their own feelings, or to evaluate you from the outside.

Choose a sporty pair 0.5 sizes bigger than casual shoes. First, look carefully at how the sneakers are sewn. Unfortunately, even in expensive boutiques, you can "run into" a marriage or counterfeit. Everything is smooth, nothing is cracked, shriveled, protruding or protruding anywhere? Then check the nuances:

Sole. Its universal height is 3 cm. At the same time, a light effort should be enough to bend the sneaker by 45°. This is the optimal angle. If it is larger or smaller, then this model is not suitable for training in the gym. Now try to bend the Shoe with the screw in different directions. The front part of the sole turned 90°in relation to the heel? This is a lot, look for another model.
Lateral support. Look and feel the ankle parts. They must be multi-layered, dense, and elastic.
Arch support. First, they must be. Secondly, they are not only glued to the" firm", but also attached. Third, during fitting, the soles must feel them, otherwise you will have to buy special inserts.
Rise. Here the rule is simple. When the Shoe is unlaced, the foot should be free to go in and out of it. No effort, twitching, and especially no Shoe horns!
How to choose the right shoes for training

After completing the visual inspection, measure both sneakers at the same time. Take your time, lace up your "Slippers" with an average degree of compression. Stand up, wiggle your fingers. Did it work? Then roll from toe to heel, walk, run on the spot, jump, sit down. Pay attention to not too tight if the heel?

If you experience the slightest discomfort, do not hesitate to look for another option. No suitable one? Do not go on about the desire to buy shoes here and now. Either go to another store, or check with the seller the date of the next delivery of the product. Purchasing sports shoes does not tolerate fuss.
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